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Sallie Mullins Thompson, CPA PLLC

Navigating Your Financial Life Through Effective Tax Strategies


Why business owners need my services.

Statistics show that having inadequate accounting practices is a leading cause of business failure – second to not having enough cash. Experts agree that few business owners possess the knowledge and skill to do their own bookkeeping correctly and accurately.

Therefore, having a dedicated accountant for your company is imperative in order to (1) maintain accurate and up-to-date accounting records; (2) preserve essential documentation for historical and analytical purposes; (3) provide internal control checks and balances; (5) highlight opportunities and weaknesses that might otherwise be overlooked; and (6) handle tax and other financial matters.

Further, a financial infrastructure enables efficient operations, frees you to focus on your top business priorities, and delivers the information you need to make timely decisions. You can spend quality time selling your products, servicing your customers, developing strategies, and growing the business.