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Sallie Mullins Thompson, CPA PLLC

Navigating Your Financial Life Through Effective Tax Strategies


Sallie Mullins Thompson

Sallie Mullins Thompson

CEO/Managing Member


Sallie Mullins Thompson is a CPA financial planner and tax strategist who works with small business owners, assisting with those taxation, management, protection, and reporting aspects that impact business sustainability, growth, profitability, and success. In addition, she provides accounting, tax return preparation, retirement planning services, and asset/income protections to executives, family offices, and individuals.  

Sallie uses a holistic approach which includes a unique goals-based tracking mechanism. What sets her apart from alternative solutions is that tax ramifications are incorporated into all financial decisions, resulting in more disposable income available to achieve her clients’ objectives, ambitions, and dreams.

Prior to starting her consulting practice, Sallie spent 20 years with IBM in New York City and Houston as a systems analyst, marketing rep, and project manager, taking early retirement in 1993. She has managed financial assets for closely-held business owners and high-net-worth individuals since 1994. She obtained an MBA in accounting in May 2001 and passed the CPA and CFP exams in 2002 and 2011, respectively.