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How Does a CDFA Support Other Divorce Professionals?

How Does a CDFA Support Other Divorce Professionals?

| June 30, 2020

Working with clients that are divorcing can be tough. There’s a lot to coordinate and for the clients, it’s a really challenging process with raised emotions and lots of tension. 

Divorce professionals want to be sure they’re giving the best advice possible. Sometimes the complexity of it, with all the moving parts, can make it stressful – for the professionals involved as well as the couple themselves!

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and CPA financial planner, I support other divorce professionals, such as attorneys, mediators, and therapists, with a truly holistic service that addresses the unique financial and tax issues around divorce. 

By gathering, organizing, and evaluating all the client family data, more equitable settlements can be achieved; everyone in the family is considered; and there are no losers. 

My specialized training, education, and skill set are designed to give clients peace of mind about: 

  • Valuing and Dividing Property 
  • Retirement Accounts and Pensions
  • Spousal and Child Support
  • Splitting the House
  • Tax Problems and Solutions
  • Long-term Impact of Divorce

By using a CDFA professional, matrimonial attorneys remove themselves from the details of financial/tax tangle, allowing them to focus solely on the legal aspects. This means case preparation and settlement is easier – plus, liability is reduced due to the in-depth research and reports the CDFA delivers.   

Further, a CDFA can function as a financial specialist in court, during mediation, and on Collaborative Divorce teams. In addition, a CDFA guides couples  in thinking through the money implications of divorce so they have a realistic picture of their particular situation as they create - and agree to - their separation agreement.   

Bringing me onto the team allows the other professionals - attorneys, mediators, mental health professionals, real estate agents, and insurance brokers working in the divorce space - to do what they do best – with the knowledge that their client is getting all those tricky financial and tax details covered in an accurate, impactful, and comprehensive manner so that the entire family benefits to the extent possible given whatever its available resources are.