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Benefits of Using a CDFA

Benefits of Using a CDFA

| March 29, 2021

Click here for the video "Benefits of Using a CDFA"

Recently I have written about why I became a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) and what CDFAs actually do. So, today I want to discuss what the benefits of using a CDFA are.

As a CDFA, I work with families before, during, and after divorce to assist them in navigating toward a financial future in which they can feel secure and without fear of running out of money.

The CDFA professional helps divorcing couples address the unique financial and tax topics by providing the information needed to achieve more equitable settlements – ones in which there are no losers! We work together to assess the true cost of divorce and develop a realistic picture of the particular situation as the parties transition to new lifestyles.

My specialized education as a CDFA enables me to:
     * Gather, organize, and evaluate the data so that all financial topics are discussed.
     * Undertake an extensive analysis of the relevant documents.
     * Produce comprehensive exhibits, charts, and reports.
     * Ensure that all involved understand the short/long term effects of different
At the end, everyone emphatically knows that all the details have been covered!

CDFAs are the go-to financial specialists for anyone negotiating divorce. I make sure that my clients are given powerful knowledge and guidance on:

     1. Monthly spending budgets
     2. Splitting one household into two
     3. Different types of property
     4. Dividing the house
     5. Retirement and pension plans
     6. Divorce-related tax ramifications
     7. What’s best to keep or let go of

For people experiencing the emotional and financial challenges that divorce brings, having peace of mind that the settlement agreement is realistic as well as gaining an objective perspective can make things a bit easier to deal with.

Getting expert advice on the whole family’s future financial needs is essential - as a CDFA, that’s exactly what I am trained to offer. Plus, to top it off, the process is generally less costly than going down the traditional, adversarial path.