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| February 22, 2017
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In this announcement of my new website at, I want to let you know what’s available and how to navigate! Please spend some time browsing through the new website, as I think you will find it to be a comprehensive resource for gaining knowledge about various aspects of your financial life.

You can get to lots of good information directly from the Home Page.

  • Clicking on the ‘buttons’ under my masthead is a fast way to navigate the site.
  • ABOUT is where you can view my company mission, read my blog, and learn about HD Vest Advisory Services—the firm with which I am associated for the financial planning, investment, and insurance part of my practice.
  • SERVICES describes why you might consider consulting with me.
  • TAX ALPHA defines that term and contains videos relating to how ‘tax alpha’ is achieved in various financial areas.   
  • RESOURCES includes a link to each financial area of concern, which comprises its own set of Articles, Calculators, Presentations, and Videos.   
  • CONTACT shows a map of my location along with other details.  
  • Note that on each of these pages, besides asking me a question, you can check out what the market is doing.      

Below the ‘buttons’ are four videos on financial topics; these will change periodically. So be sure to watch these each time you visit. You will find Related Content on each video page, adding to the video’s ideas and concepts.      

Beneath the videos is a summary of what I do and how you might benefit from talking with me.  

Under my picture:  

  • You can examine the most recent Market Commentary,
  • Read my latest blog,   
  • Ask me a question, and/or
  • Sign up to receive my monthly email Newsletter.

The bottom half of the Home Page provides an optional method of gathering more detail on the subject(s) of most interest to you—via the Helpful Content section, along with Articles, Calculators, Presentations, and Videos. For example, if you select a retirement issue from any of these components, you are taken to a page containing a smorgasbord of data on that theme, including Related Content, from which you can dive even deeper into the matter.    

I welcome any questions you have and trust that you will find my new website to be a valuable asset.

Sallie Mullins Thompson

Sallie Mullins Thompson

100 Bank Street
Suite 5F
New York, NY 10014
Office: 212.243.9126
Mobile: 646-266-6808

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